My name is Rebecca and I am a trained Professional Organiser and Declutter. I hope to be able to help you make sense of your space.

Whether you are overwhelmed and desperate for a reset, moving or just looking for guidance when dealing with a relatives home I can help you. We live in a consumption heavy world where stuff matters. Once that stuff is ours we tend to keep it. And that’s when the overwhelm happens. Our storage is fit to bursting already before we buy more stuff or receive gifts or any number of ways things come into our homes.

With too much stuff the everyday basics become difficult.

It is difficult to find a peaceful place to be as there are so many things shouting at us. Use me / why don’t you use me / should I be here / I was a bad choice / I was a waste of money and so on and so on.

It’s time to find that peace. Trust me, I can help.

I’ve lived that life and I’ve found the answers. My house was cluttered, I could never find anything and the worst rows my partner and I ever had were caused by the mess. A few years ago I set about changing that and in doing so I changed my life.

I learned how to declutter and I learned how to keep tidy.

This isn’t a natural state of affairs for me. I work hard at it. But you live and learn right. So let me help you out with what I have learned. Let me show you what I do now. And you can know my peace and know how much easier housework is!

I was a police officer for nearly 20 years before I left to become a full time vintage dealer. I therefore also have expertise in assisting you make decisions about whether things have value and how best to part with them.